ADD Day 1

Decided to start acknowledging my “condition”…

Not sure where this will end up but I figured lemme record my “journey”.


Already bored.

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Modestly Superior

I know it’s “wrong” to be a perfectionist…but is Perfectionism wrong? Because I think that word is a little personal, no? I don’t like when people get more attached to their schedule than to the meaning/natural flows of life…but yes, we should be perfectly balanced with our time so as not to have your heart chakra at 85% and your root at 4, you feel me? Spend an extra hour with your dad, but don’t also spend an extra hour on Megapolis designing your city, then an extra 3 on a fight with your bf all in the same day….lol. No I don’t think it’s even possible to have never deceived yourself, but it doesn’t mean we should ever knowingly deceive others.

I think perfectionism in its highest vibration is nothing more than having high ideals and the determination to bring the world to its highest potential.

So f you if you’ve ever said I criticize you too much. I just want the best all the time…and while I know I can’t let that become a weapon to shut my bf down, I also know I have good intentions for everyone and thing and animal and air and blah blah.


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“The Sacrifice”


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“Responsibility of Love”, or, Venus Sextile Saturn


Drew this today. Maybe gonna color but I have commitment issues…

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“Responsibility In Love”, or, Venus Trine Saturn


Drew this today. Maybe gonna color but I have commitment issues…

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Alone and Lonely

Loneliness is simple. It’s the overwhelming feeling that what we want and what we are getting are NOT the same. And we can’t logically move past this, because loneliness induces a state of insecurity that blurs our perception of how people really view us. It CONvinces us that no one likes us, no one needs us, no one will help us. So then we isolate further, and spiral down so fast we’ve lost our friends, family, sleep, job etc. We detach from the world so heavily that the world, in turn, detaches from us.



Your ego tells you how important you are and how every word you say must be perfectly acknowledged by specific people and fully understood the first time and god damn if we should give someone a second chance of getting to know us! We did “this” for “them”, how dare they not be here when we need them? I mean…this is so silly but we encourage this behavior every day. Or we write off the best people because they don’t have the best things, and wonder why we feel so empty inside.

Whatever your reasoning for such feelings of loneliness, the cure is all the same. PARTICIPATE IN LIFE. If you feel like life is passing you by and you are just an observer, STOP OBSERVING AND GET IN THERE! It’s hard, wow yes it is one of the hardest things to do, but we cannot let our minds CONvince us that the world does not need our active participation.

This world needs EVERYONE, and if you read this and say, “Yeah, everyone but ME”, immediately go do something for someone. Mow your neighbors yard, pay for someones cigarettes at 7-11, answer the phone when your friends needs to talk. And when you get that “thank you”, build on that. Every time someone says thanks, or appreciate it, or I needed that, you know that the universe is saying THANK YOU I APPRECIATE YOU AND I NEED YOU.¬†

Stop undermining yourself. You are so special and you have a gift to contribute. So start contributing, because without you, everyone’s life is THAT much harder. Stop trying to prove this wrong and for the first time in your life, try and prove it right.

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For All Conflicted Individuals

A compromise is the art of dividing a cake in such a way that everyone believes he has the biggest piece.” Ludwig Erhard

If you would ever describe yourself as “conflicted”, it is probably just astrological aspects that are difficult to become aware of and make the most of.

And yes, I am saying it’s that simple.

Learn how to cooperate with yourself and your life will be fine. For instance, my Sun, Moon and Ascendant are all opposite. Cardinal Fixed Mutable. Water Fire Earth. For my whole life I believed I had multiple personality disorder, until the beautiful moment when I fully realized I am PERFECTLY BALANCED.

Talk to me about this. I can actually live life now, after I mourned its loss. All it takes is a new perspective, someone else’s ideas, a different method.

ABSORB THAT¬†QUOTE. It is one of the most important qualities any relationship should have, including the one you have with yourself. Let yourself feel like you’ve won, even just a little.

Side note

Leos: Once you start to smile your world shines. Comedy. Glamour/extravagance. Getting loved on HARD, especially in a praising type way. Sunshine. Games.

Just force yourself to laugh and it will become real and you WILL be happy.

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